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Implementing Ideas - Founding Companies - Being Successful

Startups and Entrepreneurs contribute with their innovative ideas to meet new demands and client needs and to change our economy and society. When concept, funding and implementation are done right, innovative ideas will turn to be sucess stories. I give support to organizations, entrepreneurs and Startups based on my long-standing, international experience:

    • Design innovative programmes and build entrepreneurial networks
    • Assessment for entrepreneurs and innovative ideas workshop
    • Leadership for entrepreneurs
    • Support for women entrepreneurs
    • Fostering young entrepreneurs
    • Design of indicators to evaluate results and impact

References (selection)



A Museum in Mexico Focused on Economy


To develop and implement a programme for young entrepreneurs focused on training and networking


Design of a six month training programme for young university based entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas; implementation of the programme; invitation of additional keynote speakers and organisation of networking events; coordination of pitching event with experienced entrepreneurs and representatives of founding institutions; evaluation of programme results.



Award of a Mexican Bank for Small Businesses


Analysis of the development of small businesses in the years after receiving the award from the Mexican Bank and formulation of recommendations for a training programme fort he business owners


Development of criteria and tools for the analysis of the current state oft he businesses; data collection and interviews with 20 award winning small business owners; evaluatino of data and preparation of report with recommendations for a one-year training programme focused on financial and strategic topics.


Set-Up of Organisations and Companies

  • Set-up of a representative office of a German financial sector based foundation in Mexico
  • Set-up of a Mexican subsidiary of the representative office of a German foundation in Mexico
  • Set-up of a Mexican consulting firm with international scope
  • Set up of a Brussels based subsidiary for a Belgian consulting organisation
  • Moderation of strategy development and accompaniment of constitution and build-up of a Mexican association of financial cooperatives