Access to financial services strengthens small enterprises

Counting on access to financial services and using them efficiently can help small businesses to start and grow successfully, especially in those countries where large population groups do not have access or do not use the financial services offered in the market. Thus, long-term income for families can be created and ensured.

Fintechs and crowdfunding platforms offer mobile financial services and innovative options of financing and satisfy new client needs in payment services or financial investment.

I support banks, cooperatives, microfinance institutions and international organizations in the design of innovative strategies of financial inclusion and in the fostering of financial capabilities of small business owners and their collaborators.

    • Conducting studies and demand analysis
    • Development of target-group oriented financial inclusion strategies
    • Financial capability strengthening for small business owners
    • Implementation of innovative strategies and change management in financial institutions
    • Development of programme indicators to monitor and evaluate of results and impact



Foundation of a large, international insurance company


Analysis of needs regarding financial services of small, family-owned businesses in Mexico


Development of an innovative approach to segmentation of micro and small enterprises and qualitative analysis of the demand for financial services in a specific segment of small companies; accompaniment of a qualitative sample of enterprises throughout nine months to identify their demand and their criteria for financial decision taking; preparation of a final report with recommendations for the development of adequate financial services for this target group.



International Foundation of a large, German Finance Group


Feasibility study for a project focusing on the development of financial inclusion strategies for small and medium sized companies in the Eastern Carribean Currency Union


Set-up of a consulting team; analysis of the existing financial services offer for small companies in the region; stakeholder interviews with financial institutions, government institutions and associations of business organisations to identify the demand of small enterprises; preparation of a final report with recommendations for the implementation of a multiannual cooperation programme for the region.



International Organisation, Specialized in Financial Inclusion of Women


Training of the executive team of a regional bank in Malawi to foster their new, women market focused financial inclusion strategy


Design of a training programmes for the executive team with focus on leadership, team building and market strategy; implementation of the training programme in Malawi.